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2014 Revisited – Others Considered and Worse Slides

Others Considered Frank | Enemy | Big Eyes | American Sniper | Happy Christmas [gallery grids="Simple" image_size="large" columns="4" size="large" tiles="true" ids="2315,2314,2309,2307,2316"] Really Just Terrible The Monuments Men | Robocop | The Maze Runner | Sex Tape | Neighbors | A Long Way Down | Devil's Knot | Chef [gallery grids="Featured" image_size="large" size="large" tiles="true" ids="2321,2323,2320,2318,2319,2317,2313"]  
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2014 Revisited – Dozen it Make You Feel Better

Guys, ....I didn't see every film of 2015 (Fuck off Straw-Man Steve! I have to feed myself somehow) Furthermore, I didn't see every film of 2014. As such, I thought it'd be clever, and unique and get me more clicks for the ads on these blog posts I can't seem to get to post if…
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Room [MOY]

Movie of the Year ... Room And it wasn't even close Director.   Lenny Abrahamson Writer.   Emma Donoghue Brie Larson | Jacob Tremblay | Sean Bridges | Joan Allen | William H Macy [gallery grids="News" image_size="large" ids="2279,2277,2280"]   We need to talk about 2011, and we need to, because we need to talk briefly…
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