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Fuck you! Four Dwarves! I swear, this is how the screenwriter's meeting for this film kicked off. C'mon Jim, don't you think we need to clearly lay out the powers of the villain such that it's not seen as random horseshit in the second act when presumably dead characters who will be in the trailer…
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Ep 09 – Midnight Special

Finally! The Boys have Come back... to podcasting. On the note of "Finally" Bryan and Ian are finally able to talk about Midnight Special, the newest Sci-Fy by Jeff Nichols. Before that, Bryan again recaps Nov of 2015 when he discusses Room and Ian hosts a lightning round of Demolition, Mr Right and The Invitation.…
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NOP – Batman V Supes

Ground Control to Major Tom, there's something wrong, the circuit's dead. Can you hear me Major Tom? Can you hear me Major Tom? The Late Great David Bowie File this under: Should be spoilers - tragically not on account of Trailers and the incessant need for the hero shot when the unholy trinity stand in…
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