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Missed it By That Much

[caption id="attachment_2229" align="alignright" width="202"] Credit:[/caption] Kicking off List Season, Yo! Criteria - IMDB lists it as a 2015 film, or I know flat out it's a 2015 film even when it says 2014 (I don't care if it debuted in Cannes in 2014 - this is when Americans, God's Chosen People, could see it...…
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Lets take a moment and talk about Rotten Tomatoes Scores, then go on to talk about the expectation of release date. Then we can talk about the confluence that is the single most 'check all boxes and then some' actor on the planet. Basically, if you're a product of the American school system, you're familiar with…
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Star Wars – The Force Awakens

[caption id="attachment_2188" align="aligncenter" width="456"] Oh Rey, you complete the context[/caption] I’m fairly sure this is the best Star Wars film ever made. And I’m still alive, hmm… Shall have to keep writing. Alas, this is not the spoiler packed review, as Bane said “that part comes later”. For now, with all deference to allowing a…
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