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Ep 05 – The Nolan Verse

Ian isn't joined by Bryan this week. We told he wouldn't be, we told you this for weeks. That's okay. Ricky is here to fill in. However, Ian and Ricky don't talk about recent hits, but rather travel back through time to the magical world of 2005... then 2008, and then 2012. So before you…
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Ep 04 – Macbeth

It's Episode 2 of the Relaunch and the boys are back with a new podcast name and are not reviewing anything they promised to over the Week. Would have loved to do Midnight Special but alas, the theaters made that one "Not to Be" so instead, Ian and Bryan review Macbeth from 2015, as well…
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Ep 03 – 10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Ln - Clove Her? Damn Near Killed Her! Bryan & Ian are back from... well, not having worthy technology hiatus... with worthy technology. Here the boys discuss Triple 9, Gods of Egypt, Legend and London Has Fallen before they get down to 2009's Watchmen and this week's feature flick... 10 Clovefield Ln
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