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Ep 28 – 28 Days Later

Bryan and Ian think they're soooooo clever. Look at them not doing a feature and instead taking advantage of the season of horror and their 28th episode by reviewing... #28DaysLater. Not to worry though, Ian bring you up to speed on #JackReacherNeverGoBack and #StarTrekIntoDarkness and Bryan gives his state of the union on modern horror
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The Red Moco Cooler: A Look Back

"Kahlua, Hershey's syrup, and a dash of red Kool-Aid!" And, here you have the Red Moco Cooler. My new segment is named after Dr Venture's preferred bizarre cocktail. Yes, I'm creating a series dedicated to one of my all-time favorite animated comedies, The Venture Bros! I almost included this in my main series, Scotch & Spandex,…
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