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DD Review: Seven Minutes in Heaven

The Plot Thickens...For Real This Time! Ignoring the fact that this episode was named after a game that I never got to play in high school, this episode started pretty strong with the flashback to Fisk going to prison and getting acclimated to his new surroundings. I find Fisk to be more interesting an antagonist…
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DD Review: Guilty As Sin

Wait, I don't get it, why did the thing with the stuff happen. When last we left DareDevil and his Lady friend Elektra, they were standing atop a pit that was generally classified as "Bottomless". In Manhattan. Note: In Manhattan. Who would like a brief architecture and structures lesson: The reason why buildings are so…
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DD Review: Semper Fidelis

The Plot Thickens! I would like to start off by saying this episode had some amazing music. This sort of thing may have been going on the whole time, but this was the episode where I really noticed it. It really enhanced what was going on. Bravo on that. Also, this episode was called "Semper…
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DD Review: Regrets Only

Yo Bro, Never stick your walking stick in Crazy Show oh hands: How many among us have been at the breakfast after in the corner diner being told by the pretty crazy girl that got 'The Moves like Bruce Lee' that that's it for Sex? A lot of hands I imagine are raised at this…
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