DD Review: Semper Fidelis

The Plot Thickens!

I would like to start off by saying this episode had some amazing music. This sort of thing may have been going on the whole time, but this was the episode where I really noticed it. It really enhanced what was going on. Bravo on that.

Also, this episode was called "Semper Fidelis" or Semper Fi as the Marines say it. It's Latin and translates to "forever faithful." It's a Marine thing. Always faithful to the Corp. It's a "once a Marine, always a Marine" sort of thing. The Marines are more than just the jarheads. They are more than just the brute for of the military. They are the first ones in and the last ones out of a conflict. And, as the vanguards of America. They are more than just force. They are men and women of honor and respect. They have a code. A code they feel bound to uphold. Semper Fi is them always staying true, forever faithful to their code. Something that Frank Castle showed in this episode when the lawyers wanted to take his defense down the route of PTSD. He did not want to disrespect the Marines who truly suffer from PTSD.

This epispode started with Voir Dire, or jury selection. Specifically it's when attourneys reject certain potential jurors that may not be objective enough for the case. Or they may have predispositions to go a certain direction the attorney doesn't want the trial to go. And, in this voir dire selection we hear how everyone already has an opinion on Frank Castle/The Punisher. And, when the defense points this out, the judge essentially says "tough shit." This case is already veering away from staying faithful to justice proceedings.

The title of this episode is also indicative of the waning faith between our 3 main characters, although the waning faith between Foggy and Matt is happening because of that triflin woman. Matt goes out with Elektra to try and help her getting rid of the Yakuza. Also, that night of ass kicking amounted to nothing. The thing they were looking for was moved. Or it was never there in the first place. Either way the Yakuza knew they were on to them. Also, she gets injured and Matt stays up late tending to her wound and keep an eye on her. There's a scene filled with lots of sexual tension. Him staying up late caused him to be late for the opening statement for their trial. Foggy's faith in Matt is starting to wane.

I was staring at his abs more than I was at her ass. You can grind meat on his abs!

I was staring at his abs more than I was at her ass. You can grind meat on his abs!

Later in the episode, Matt and Karen are up late doing a strategy session for the case. They are going trough this and that in the documents and find there's some BS in the medical examiner's paperwork for the death of Frank's family. Then they get into an argument over the effectiveness and morality of what the Punisher does. Matt is obviously against it and Karen is having trouble seeing the fault in it. The first real rift in the relationship.

They call it a night, and we discover Elektra heard everything. She also has info for Matt. She found the building where the Yakuza are hold up, and she wants Matt to join her to take them out. He tells her to save it for another night because he has to prepare for his real job. But, instead of doing recon, like she said she was going to do, she goes to the dirty medical examiner's home and threatens him. She tells him to tell the truth or she'll find him. Understandably, he freaks out, and the next day at the trial he blurts out that he has a confession to make. Not wanting to unnecessarily taint the jury, the judge sends everyone out, except the lawyers. The m.e pours his purse out in front of everyone and tells them what happened. Matt know exactly what's going on and is pissed. The judge throws out his testimony and Foggy is livid with Matt because that triflin woman is getting all up in their shit. Foggy has no faith in Matt anymore. Karen's stuck in the middle and she's not being given any answers. Her faith in Matt is waning.

As I said before, Matt is super pissed with Elektra, and he shows it. He gets pretty aggressive with her that night on the roof of a building. She tries to explain herself, but it doesn't matter. The damage has already been done.  In a rage, Daredevil is a little more brutal than usual when kicking baddie ass. They get into the building discussed before, the Yakuza base, and they find a huge hole being dug in the building. This thing is massive. Bigger than Ian's asshole on date night. (Shots fired!)

Matt is getting a little rough. Kinky.

Matt is getting a little rough. Kinky.

As I've been going on and on this entire article, this episode is about Frank Castle staying faithful to his oath to his fellow Marines while everyone else is losing faith in each other. Foggy hates having to keep Matt's secret, and he's tired of Matt's secret bleeding into their real lives. Into their work. And, into Matt's relationship with Karen. Foggy doesn't like Matt keeping this secret from Karen. And, he doesn't like Elektra back in Matt's life. Foggy may not have known exactly what happened between them all those years ago, but he does know that she screwed him up big time, emotionally. He saw the damage she wrought upon his best friend. He doesn't like her for that. And, now that she's back in town and having this effect on him again, it pisses Foggy off.

This trial is also bringing up a lot of fixed feelings in people, particularly Karen, about what the Punisher does. Yes, the Daredevil is a badass, and he started the whole thing, but he just stops crime as it's happening. He's closer to law enforcement, in terms of stopping what he happens upon. Whereas the Punisher is executing whomever he feels deserves it. The people he kills all just so happen to be murderous gang bangers, but there's no telling if he'll kill the wrong person. Not to mention, there's the whole thing where it's illegal. Matt is concerned with upholding the law, but when the law fails, he's okay with taking justice into his own hands. Stopping crime, in his "eyes" is justice. Frank is enacting vengeance. Matt believes only God can take vengeance. Only God can decide who lives and dies. At least that's what he feels right now. There have been times that we've seen that he's had trouble sticking to his principle of never killing. Faith in that is starting to wane.

I know hand the bar back over to Ian.

Random Musings

  • I was genuinely surprised when Matt grabed Elektra by the neck/face like that.
  • That scene with Elektra sleeping on the sofa and Matt on the chair was a little weird.
  • Considering how well read in Asian cultures that one dude was, he was pretty racist.
  • This season is starting to stagnante in the stroy. At leas it is to me.

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