DD Review: Seven Minutes in Heaven

The Plot Thickens...For Real This Time!

Ignoring the fact that this episode was named after a game that I never got to play in high school, this episode started pretty strong with the flashback to Fisk going to prison and getting acclimated to his new surroundings. I find Fisk to be more interesting an antagonist than The Punisher.

The part that immediately follows the opening, the part with Matt waking up to Elektra saving him from the poison arrow and a clean up crew taking care of the body was...annoying. It was needless drama. It was a "will they, won't they" trope. First Elektra is leaving Stick and his organization, and Matt is as happy as a clam. Then the Hand attacks, Matt gets shot with an arrow, Elektra kills the dude, and Matt is all kinds of pissy and demands that she leaves. The whole 5 min of bliss was all for naught. They need to make up their goddamn minds. Netflix and Marvel are supposed to be better than that.

Back to the meat of this episode, what happens in prison with Frank and Fisk. So, we find out the whole reason Frank threw the trial was because Fisk had a prison guard make him an offer. What the guard told him, what was said exactly, we'll never know. It was enough to make Frank throw the trial though. So, long story short, Fisk sics The Punisher on Dutton, expecting Dutton to die and then his men to kill the Punisher. Fisk would have control of the prison and get rid of someone that everyone wants dead.

I want to take this time to point out something I've purposely been avoiding. Last season, there was this famous "hallway" scene. The in the second episode where the Devil of Hell's Kitchen beats the ever loving shit out of half a dozen guys in one long take. For some reason it's be lauded as an amazing fight scene. I'll admit the cinematography was great and the original fight's choreography was pretty badass, but I found the execution to be...lacking. There were several punches and kicks that looked really staged. They were one angle away from looking like that fight scene in the original Godfather. You know the one I'm talking about. When that dude gets beat down in public. In the second season, the third episode, "New York's Finest" they one upped that original scene with that long-ass fight with Daredevil having a chain stuck to his hand. I found that one to be better.

Well, in this episode, they had a bloodbath version of it. Instead of dying, the way he was supposed to, Frank kills all of Dutton's men. Tears through them like paper. There's blood everywhere (and really shitty CGI), and bodies all over the place. It was that Drowning Pool song come to life (ha).

Even The Walking Dead has better CGI

Even The Walking Dead has better CGI

Frank is put in a swanky solitary confinement room, still all chained up, and Fisk pays him a visit. They talk, they fight, Frank gets thrown down because he's still all chained up, and then he gets released. The plot thickens...

I won't say Karen steals the show since nothing a "regular" person does is as fun or interesting as what happens with the Daredevil, Punisher or any of the other people that get in on the action. But, she is really one of the better characters that isn't the Daredevil or the main bad-guy. After Nelson and Murdock shuts down (because they bickering with each other), Karen starts to work for the newspaper. We also get more mystery with her and her past with those news paper clippings she finds in her new office/Urich's old office. From what I could gather by pausing and reading the small portions of the page that were visible, it looks like the story was about Karen's brother, Kevin. He was a teenager and he was in a car accident. He died. Based on Karen's reaction, it feels like she was the one truly at fault for his death and there was a cover-up. This could explain her desire to expose all cover-ups because of her guilt. That or she reacted the way she did because she was reminded of her brother who died, and it did not feel good to remember that. Either or.

I can't think of anything funny about her brother dying.

I can't think of anything funny about her brother dying.

Finally, Daredevil's back on the hunt for baddies. Even though he's told Elektra to get lost, he's still on The Hand's trail. They are still in his city, and he's not happy about that. He finds their accountant and the accountant is only working for them because they have his son. They go together to one of their bases, and Daredevil finds out they are draining people of blood and putting it in this weird contraption that sends it to this other weird ancient bell/tomb looking thing. Then Daredevil gets in a fight with a ninja that has a familiar weapon. It's Nobu! So, it turns out Mattie hasn't killed anyone! But, not for a lack of trying. The plot thickens...

He looks better than Shredder in TMNT 2: Secret of the Ooze.

He looks better than Shredder in TMNT 2: Secret of the Ooze.

Random Musings

  • Now that Wilson Fisk has taken up the name Kingpin, I think he's going to be around as the main bad guy in Daredevil Season 3 or The Defenders. Whichever happens first.
  • I've seen William Forsythe (Dutton) in a few things before. He plays a great scumbag. I mean this in a good way. He plays that role really well.
  • This episode was the second time Fisk says "the tide raises all ships." I really dig that phrase.
  • I know I already said it, but the CGI is getting really bad.
  • The Japanese drug farmer called Daredevil "Akuma-san." Akuma is Japanese for devil. Well, the two kanjis, 悪魔 it literally translates to evil (悪) demon (魔). It's the closet thing that tranlsates from Japanese to devil in English.
  • Fisk used the adjective "apocryphal." This is in relation to the Apocrypha, a section of the Bible that's left out of most Protestant versions. It's left in a number of Catholic versions of the Bible, but not all. Basically, these fantastical stories were accepted as true, but really doubtful. Hard, even for the Church (Catholic and Protestant)  to believe. I'm not going to get into a theological lecture or anything. I'll just leave it at that.
  • There was mention of Black Sky. It was brought up last season, too. Stick kills an orphan looking kid who's all chained up who's supposed to be a Black Sky. I'm under the impression it's a badass mutant. Well, Netflix/Marvel can't use that word on air, but an Inhuman of some sort. Or a "powered" individual.
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