DD Review: Regrets Only

Yo Bro, Never stick your walking stick in Crazy

Show oh hands: How many among us have been at the breakfast after in the corner diner being told by the pretty crazy girl that got 'The Moves like Bruce Lee' that that's it for Sex?

A lot of hands I imagine are raised at this point. There's totally going to be sex. I dodged a bullet not having to detail the highly cliched two attractive superheros who fight for foreplay and screw for show of dominance that was displayed in Episode 5. However, it's my solemn duty to write about the there after.

The episode opens, as you'd know, with many a Suited man riding to glorious battlefield on their Italian sport bikes. Apparently the Japanese decided to go Ducatti while they're slumming along to the post modern glass and steel high-rise where Electra lives.

We have a pretty Tame two on many group battle inside said residence and it does make you question, has old mate lost some moves now with Pretty Lady-Killer in the picture? I don't know, there was a running story-line about having to escort "Specifically not Electra to Vietnamese China Town-esq Soup Houses and their foray into "Normal People" Wine. So perhaps Matt Murdock's kryptonite is Alcohol.

Wait, checking... strong New York Irish archetype raised under the brow of an equally New Yorky and equally Irish Prize Fighter... Yep, totally weakened by the Alcohol. Systemically and culturally so.

However, that was an action scene and we know this show can pull those off in spades, so lets instead talk about the power struggle for Electra's Pecan Pie in the diner, morning after. Guys, if she's breaking into you're Pre War flat and "jacking" your Red Kevlar dancing gear for the impromptu gang war initiation, then she's not right for you, Man! Don't take her to the corner spot and ply her with Pancakes and Pie. Certainty don't engage in a truce by which you agree to more 2-on-many gang battles such that she agrees that she's "splitsville" thereafter. Also, there's this

I swear I'll Leave New York Forever if you totally form a faction of Martial Arts Super Hero team with me for a limited run

How? Her job by all accounts is power-brooking business woman heiress. How is she going to avoid New  York? That's like a Hollywood Exec swearing off Rodeo Drive if their Ex Boyfriend agrees to simply adapt that F. Scott Fitzgerald drama and agrees to cast the current boy-toy who's career she's elevating behind the scenes. (Fuck man, how do I find that woman, I can totally Anthony Patch, and also totally came up with that reference on the fly without consulting Wikipedia - all Hail King Fitz!)

Prediction - there's going to be sex. Dirty Dirty sex with the Greek sporting Asian-Features and a thick-as-thieves British accent, for-some-reason. I suppose it's time to talk about Frank Castle's continuing task to look bad-ass in a hospital gown?

On the other side of the episode is Foggy and Karen and their disapproval of anything that ever happens within either the New York media machine or within the New York Judicial System. So, remember how Frank Castle, under the pen name The Punisher shot just a phenomenal amount of people with highly illegal weaponry all the while willing to breach municipalities and run through every day citizens to quench his blood lust? Well, funny story, the DA wants him to also be dead.

Well, Karen is outraged and not interested in that happening. Also, she doesn't like that the press won't talk about his family background that they don't know about. And Foggy is going to hitch his wagon to hers cause she's a pretty blonde woman  because he is also outraged. Also, Matt is going to totally insist that this is a righteous cause, and then disappear with hot Ex Girlfriend to take on the Yakuza. He does this, because he hates the idea of Foggy making rational decisions for his firm's benefit.

So, on the First Episode of the Nihilism On Parade podcast (Kindly subscribe on iTunes and give us a rating - it'll totally result in sex with a crazy and hot ex-lover) I discussed the conceptual idea behind the MacGuffin device and how it is a plague on the Genre. Elektra & DareDevil have to go to a swanky Black Tie affair because they need to acquire "Thing". When they totally have "thing" than the two can sever their sexless relations and go about their way. DareDevil will go back to dropping giant bombs in Foggy's lap whilst walking out the door screaming "I'm Outtie" and Elektra can go back to her Wheelin'-and-dealin' outside of New York's financial district.

But, the MacGuffin isn't "thing". I'm fairly sure, the MacGuffin, is Daredevil. See, as I explained on the podcast, whoever has the MacGuffin and how they utilize it will determine who is victor at the conclusion of the story. "Thing" that will cripple the Yakuza is incidental really. It's contrived and not all that interesting. Hell, I'm fairly sure whatever Elektra is after isn't filed away behind a false wall on the 13th floor of an office building overlooking Hell's Kitchen. Whoever has the MacGuffin and how they utilize it will determine who is the victor at the conclusion of the story.

Back to Frank Castle. Frank gets a Lt. Daniel Kaffee-level Plea deal negotiated on his behalf by Foggy.

It's a Hockey Season! Take the Deal

Castle however declines because he is a Marine and that's what they do. Furthermore, in A Few Good Men Tom Cruise was the one advising. Here, Frank has to look longingly into Elden Henson's eyes and accept 25 years with the limited possibility of Parole. It's not the greatest. So, those crazy kids from Murdock & Nelson are going to court in the "Trail of The Century". Man, said team could really use a Murdock if that's the plan going forward.

Whoever has the MacGuffin and how they utilize it will determine who is the victor at the conclusion of the story.

So, stop me if you've heard this one before. Career Man, Matt Murdock has a real opportunity to make a name for himself and take a high profile case, but he's off with that Ex Girlfriend that made him wreckless and miseralbe. He could have the sweet and lovely girl who shares his interest in dollar store coffee and fine Ramen whilst kissing sweetly in the rain... but he's spending all his time with Millionaire Heiress and exotic martial art expert who.. once thought it a kinky date night to kill Matt's late Father's murder. And, he won't tell Foggy that he's been hanging out with Elektra. Wanna know why? Cause...

... ... ...

Bro, You Never stick your walking stick in Crazy


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